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A Software Q/A Engineer will work with the Quantum Disk Functional and Hardware test team during a products development cycle. The Software Q/A engineer works closely with the test and development team on discovering, analyzing and resolution issues with Quantum disk products. The Software Q/A will conduct a variety of product tests during the development and sustaining phases of a product's life cycle. These tests include testing features, functionality, stability, hardware compatibility, communication protocols and interaction with servers and applications. This will require creating test scripts or procedures, performing individual tests, collecting test data and if necessary capturing supporting information in the event of a test failure.

Job Requirements


o Evidence of personal and professional energy and excellence

o BSEE or BS in Software Engineering or Equivalent

o 3-5 years related experience

o Experience with product functional and hardware compatibility testing

o Experience with software and test automation scripting language and tools

o Experience testing in a Linux environment

o Experience operating ISV Backup Applications

o Technical written and verbal communication skills both internal and external to the company

o Must be highly motivated and able to participate as part of a team as well as on their own


o Experience interfacing with storage peripheral products (i.e. tape drives, disk arrays, storage appliances)

o Experience with storage and/or management protocols (SCSI, FC, SNMP, SMI-S)

o Experience with SAN devices (FC HBAs, FC Switches, FC Analyzers)

o Knowledge of additional operating systems (Win2003, Win2008, Solaris, HPUX)

o Experience with software and test automation scripting language and tools

o Ability to work with other technical individuals in achieving test plan goals
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